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There are two important ways of publishing the center’s research: our three book series published with De Gruyter (Cinepoetics, since 2016; Cinepoetics – English Edition, since 2018; Cinepoetics Essay, since 2020) as well as our online journal mediaesthetics (since 2016).

The content of these manifold publications gravitates around our research foci while reaching into a great number of other subject areas as well.

We strongly support the idea of open access-publishing: all entries to the German book series, the essay series, and every issue of our online journal mediaesthetics are open to the public. The entries to the English book series are available digitally and in print while also being published as paperback two years after release.

Every single one of our published works can be found in the searchable overview of the subpage all publications

A different form of making our work public are the event reports – short accounts of the center’s workshops with international fellows and guests. Furthermore, we provide an overview for each semester concerning the events held during the current research focus. 

Kolleg-Forschungsgruppe Cinepoetics - Poetologien audiovisueller Bilder