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Cinepoetics Lecture #20: Malte Hagener "Modulation und Multiplikation. Splitscreens in THE BOSTON STRANGLER" (31.10.)

Event Poster

Event Poster

News from Oct 19, 2023

(Lecture in German)

Today, we encounter split screens in a wide variety of media configurations: on the displays of cell phones, on computer screens, and in video conferences. But they also have a long tradition on the cinema screen. Here, a development can be traced that fans out from the logic of the central perspective and the self-identical subject of film to the heterogeneous and dynamic image networks of split screens.

In his lecture, Malte Hagener grasps this branching out from a (film) historical perspective and argues thus for understanding split screens as a media-specific logic that reaches far beyond film into the most diverse medial arrangements. The film THE BOSTON STRANGLER  serves him as a historical example, which will be shown after the lecture.

October 31st 2023, 6:00 pm, Kino Arsenal am Potsdamer Platz

06:00 - Kino 1

Lecture by Malte Hagener

07:30 – Lounge


08:00 – Kino 1

Screening of THE BOSTON STRANGLER (Richard Fleischer, USA 1968, DCP, 116 Min., OV)

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