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Cinepoetics Lecture #18: Francesco Casetti - "Cinema as a Protective Medium" (06.06.)



News from May 24, 2023

Cinema is more than just the movie. It is a dispositif that couples two elements: an enclosed space, separated from the everyday world, and a screen whose moving images reestablish contact with the reality from which spectators have been severed.

Why this retreat from the world? And why this reconnection with reality through images? Francesco Casetti (Yale University) aims at answering these pervasive theoretical questions. Thus, his lecture focuses on cinema as a protective medium, able of replacing our exposure to the world with a mediated immediacy. This idea of protection and mediation in modern media will be enriched with an analysis of Joe Dante’s Matinee (US 1993) – a perfect metaphor for our times, Casetti claims. The film will be shown after the lecture.

The talk is free of charge. For the screening, the usual prices of the Kino Arsenal apply.

06. Juni 2023, 18 Uhr, Kino Arsenal at Potsdamer Platz

18:00 – Kino 1

Lecture by Francesco Casetti

19:30 – Foyer


20:00 – Kino 1

Screening: MATINEE (Joe Dante, USA 1993)

6 / 48