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Fellows in the research focus: Fictional Worlds

Marshall Brown

Director of the Princeton Urban Imagination Center and Associate Professor of Architecture at Princeton University. His project as Artist-in-Residence at Cinepoetics examines interconnections of architecture, power, and acts of world-making.

Özgür Çiçek

Film scholar and expert on transnational Kurdish cinema.

Jennifer Fay

Professor of Cinema & Media Arts at Vanderbilt University, Nashville. Her research interests include transatlantic film and media theory, media aesthetics and politics, environmental humanities, and comparative film history.

Steffen Hven

Film and media scholar with research foci on narratology, media philosophy, and theories of embodiment. Currently, he is a research fellow at Cinepoetics with a return grant by the German Research Foundation.

Eyal Peretz

Professor of Comparative Literature at Indiana University with research foci in questions of aesthetics and metaphysics in various disciplines.

Eric Ritter

Lecturer at Vanderbilt University, Department of Philosophy. His research focuses on aesthetics, 20th century European philosophy and American philosophy.

Annette Vowinckel

Head of "Contemporary History of the Media and Information Society" at the Centre for Contemporary History Research, Potsdam. Her research focuses on contemporary history, cultural and media history as well as the history of ideas.

Catherine Wheatley

Lecturer in Film Studies at King's College London. Wheatley's research interests include film and philosophy, film and religion, European cinema and critical theory, and especially spectator theory.

Daniel Yacavone

Associate Professor of Film Studies at the University of Edinburgh. His research interests include film theory and aesthetics, intermediality as well as the philosophy of film and art.