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D.N. Rodowick: "Diagram & Idea in Plato's Phaedrus"

19.06.2017 | 17:00

Event Poster

Event Poster

This semester's Cinepoetics Lectures concentrate on the relation between genre and affect. How do 'classical', but also rather specific genres relate to categories of feeling, mood or atmosphere? What new insights can be gained from these questions in regard to the cultural and political function of genre?

For our second lecture, we will present the two experimental films peripatetikos 1: Agora, or things indifferent as well as peripatetikos 2: Plato's Phaedrus (11 mins / 68 mins, both by d.n. rodowick). Film scholar, philosopher, and director of experimental films, D.N. Rodowick (University of Chicago / fellow at Cinepoetics), will introduce his films with a presentation on the connection between philosophy, emotion, and experiment.