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Fellows in the research focus: Spectatorship and Beyond

Olivier Aubert

Research engineer at Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique at the graduate school for engineering sciences at the University of Nantes. Auberts research area lies in the Digital Humanities, among them are knowledge engineering and audio-visual annotation.

Erica Carter

Professor of German at King’s College, London. She is also the co-founder of the German Screen Studies Network.

Özgür Çiçek

Film scholar and expert on transnational Kurdish cinema.

Richard Dyer

Professor emeritus at King's College London. His research interests focus on the social function of stardom, representation of homosexuality, gender, and race.

Thomas Hensel

Professor of art- and design theory at the University of Applied Sciences Pforzheim, Faculty for Design and co-director of the Institute for Human Engineering and Empathic Design (HEED). His research activities concentrate on Media- and Science/Knowledge history of aesthetics, design theory and game studies (especially imagery of computer games).

Patricia Pisters

Professor of Media Studies (with specialization in Film Studies) at the University of Amsterdam. Her research interests include: Film-Philosophy, Neuro-filmology, contemporary transnational screen culture and media ecologies.

Catherine Wheatley

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at the King’s College, London. She completed her dissertation thesis on the films of Michael Haneke, spectatorship and ethics. Wheatley‘s research interests are Film and Philosophy, European cinema and Critical theory, especially theories of spectatorship.

Serjoscha Wiemer

Media scholar and assistant professor for digital media and mobile media at Department of Media Studies at the Paderborn University. In his works, he combines approaches of media theory, aesthetics and epistemology, to research historical and contemporary viewing conditions, (image-)action and meaning making.