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Fellows in the research focus: Cinematic Image and Historical Experience

Jennifer Barker

Associate professor of communication at Georgia State University, USA. and director of the Graduate Studies for the Moving Image Studies’ doctoral program as well as the Film, Video, and Digital Image masters program.

Robert Burgoyne

Professor of Film Studies at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. His work centers on historiography and film, with a special emphasis on American cinema, history and national identity, and the counter narratives of nation that have emerged in many films.

Erica Carter

Professor of German at King’s College, London. She is also the co-founder of the German Screen Studies Network.

Thomas Elsaesser

Professor emeritus at Universiteit van Amsterdam and one of the most important researchers in the international field of film studies.

Julian Hanich

Associate professor for film studies at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Netherlands. His research focuses on film and emotion, the cinema as a site of collective experience, film-phenomenology, genre and reception theory

Anke Hennig

Lecturer at The Berlin University of Art and at Central Saint Martins College of the University of the Arts London. From January to December 2017 she is a fellow at Cinepoetics. Often working interdisciplinary and collaboratively, her focus of research lies on contemporary literature and visual culture.

Deniz Göktürk

Associate Professor in the German Department at the University of California, Berkeley, and one of the leading German-language researchers concerned with the complex of cinema and migration.

Daniel Illger

Film scholar and freelance writer. His research foci include the aesthetics and poetics of certain film genres, classical genre theory as well as the historicity of film.

Christine Lötscher

Research assistant at the Institute for Popular Culture Studies at the University of Zurich. Her research focuses on theory of nonsense, popular genres in literature and film, such as speculative fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller and on media theory and media history.

Winfried Pauleit

Professor of Film Studies at Bremen University as well as the head of the lab “Film, Media Art and Popular Culture” at the Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research.

Isabel Mundry

Highly distinguished German composer and professor for composition in Frankfurt, Zürich, Munich.

Ayşe Polat

Internationally acclaimed film director, screenplay writer and film producer. From 1991 to 1993, she studied German, philosophy and cultural studies in Berlin and Bremen. Her films earned several awards and deal with key aspects that are of interest for the analysis of the poiesis of viewing films.

Erhard Schüttpelz

Professor for Media Theory at the University of Siegen. His research focuses on the history of literature and media, the linguistics and media theory of rhetoric as well as the history of science concerning media theory and ethnology.

Anna Steininger

Video artist and graduate “visual artist”. As artist-in-residence at Cinepoetics, Anna Steininger will work on her art project, “Bild-Zeiten”.