Cinepoetics Lectures

The Cinepoetics Lectures are a very special format in the center’s work since they stand for interesting talks by internationally acclaimed scholars that are in close contact with our work on the poetologies of audiovisual images. Besides different perspectives from the field of film studies, the lectures feature a wide range of influences from the humanities, most importantly from media studies and the arts. The Cinepoetics Lectures are a collaboration with Kino Arsenal (Institute for Film and Video Art), open to the public and free of charge. Each lecture is accompanied by a film screening that complements the talk’s topic. For the film, Kino Arsenal will charge the usual admission fees.

Cinepoetics Lectures

Cinepoetics Lectures Winter 2018/19

Our winter program for the Cinepoetics Lectures feature two perspectives on film historical phenomena by acclaimed experts in their field. While Naum Kleiman will formulate his thoughts on Sergej Eisenstein’s take on the ‘intellectual film’ and iconography, Christine Gledhill and Linda Williams will venture into the melodrama and its function as a mode rather than genre.

 It is common practice to contrast Sergej Eisenstein’s early films with his later ones, though film historian Naum Kleiman (Moscow) does not think of them as opposing poles, but rather as stages in his poetics that follow each other. On November 19, his talk (in German) „Vom ‚Intellektuellen Film‘ in OKTOBER zur Ikonografie in IWAN DER SCHRECKLICHE” will trace the lines of development in Eisenstein’s work. Kleiman will illustrate how the director continues his idea of the ’intellectual film‘ in form of an ideography and eventually formulates an iconography of film. Afterwards, we will screen Eisenstein’s film THE GENERAL LINE (SU, 1929) – accompanied with live music by Leonid Nemirowski.

 Melodrama is bound to a number of misconceptions regarding its origins, form and function. In their lecture on December 17, “Melodrama Unbound”, Christine Gledhill (University of Sunderland) and Linda Williams (University of California, Berkeley) – editors of the anthology of the same name (2018) – focus on the shift in critical thinking from melodrama as a genre to melodrama as a mode, analysing what modality means and carving out the particulars of melodramatic modality. They will ask about ways of conceiving the trans-national travels of melodrama and the applicability of modality to cinemas across the world. They will conclude by raising questions about the significance of the worldwide prevalence of melodramatic modalities. Afterwards, Emilio Fernández' film VÍCTIMAS DEL PECADO (MEX, 1951) will be screened.

As always, the Cinepoetics Lectures are open to the public and free of charge. For the respective screening, Kino Arsenal will charge their usual admission fee.  

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