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Cinepoetics Lectures

The Cinepoetics Lectures are a very special format in the center’s work since they stand for interesting talks by internationally acclaimed scholars that are in close contact with our work on the poetologies of audiovisual images. Besides different perspectives from the field of film studies, the lectures feature a wide range of influences from the humanities, most importantly from media studies and the arts.

The Cinepoetics Lectures are a collaboration with Kino Arsenal (Institute for Film and Video Art), open to the public and free of charge. Each lecture is accompanied by a film screening that complements the talk’s topic. For the film, Kino Arsenal will charge the usual admission fees.

Cinepoetics Lectures

Current Lecture

What would it mean to conceive of the film image as affective milieu – where would this put us and what about the cinematic apparatus? In her lecture The Image as Affective Milieu: Mood, Medium and Environmental Aesthetics, Cinepoetics senior fellow Inga Pollmann (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) suggests that photography and film are media in a double sense: environmentally, in the sense of milieus, environments, Umwelten; and aesthetically, in the sense of moods, Stimmungen, atmospheres. As such, media disclose being in the world, and themselves condition life and form environments (or parts thereof).

Taking cues from the paradigm of the hunt, Pollmann turns to Max Ophüls’ SANS LENDEMAIN (F 1939/40) and focuses the role of mise en scène and point of view for an environmental reading of images. This melodrama, shot in exile on the cusp of World War II, will be shown after the lecture.

6 pm: Lecture by Inga Pollmann
7:30 pm: Intermission
8 pm: Screening of SANS LENDEMAIN (FR 1939/40, Max Ophüls, OmeU, DCP, 82 min)

Kino Arsenal
Potsdamer Str. 2
10785 Berlin