Cinepoetics Lecture #3: Robert Burgoyne "Intimate Violence: Drone Vision in EYE IN THE SKY"

Cinepoetics Lecture_Burgoyne

Cinepoetics Lecture_Burgoyne

News from Oct 18, 2017

The current Cinepoetics Lectures are concerned with questioning the historicity of audiovisual images: where does this historicity lie, beyond the representational level of historical subjects? How is a realm of historical experience produced, which is reshaped with each new appropriation of film images and each media shift? In his presentation "Intimate Violence: Drone Vision in Eye in the Sky", Robert Burgoyne (University of St Andrews) will explore intimacy and distance as the relationship of tension that governs how modern war is conducted and represented in view of a new permutation of somatic testimony.

Cinepoetics cordially invites you to join us on October 23 at 6:45 pm at the Kino Arsenal, Potsdamer Platz (Berlin). Free admission for the lecture. We are showing the film EYE IN THE SKY (Gavin Hood, USA 2015) right before the lecture. For the screening Kino Arsenal will charge its usual admission.

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