Matthias Grotkopp's "Filmische Poetiken der Schuld" continues Cinepoetics Book Series

cover de gruyter 4

cover de gruyter 4

News from Apr 03, 2017

The fourth volume of the Cinepoetics book series, Matthias Grotkopp’s „Filmische Poetiken der Schuld. Die audiovisuelle Anklage der Sinne als Modalität des Gemeinschaftsgefühls.” has been published with DeGruyter.

The book focuses on how a community’s affectively grounded sense of values is generated and transformed by cinematic images. Using the feeling of guilt as an example, Grotkopp shows how modulation of moral sentiments can be described as the calculus of audiovisual staging techniques.

Like the three volumes earlier in the series, this book is also accessible via open access. Soon, there will also be an English translation available. Volume five of the Cinepoetics book series will be published later this year.

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