New Publication: "New Hollywood's Poetics of Affect" by Hauke Lehmann

New Hollywood's Poetics of Affect

New Hollywood's Poetics of Affect

News from Nov 16, 2016

The second volume of the Cinepoetics book series has been published: "Affektpoetiken des New Hollywood. Suspense, Paranoia und Melancholie" [New Hollywood's Poetics of Affect: Suspense, Paranoia, and Melancholy.]

Here, Lehmann describes a complex interplay of cinematographic modes of affect, namely suspense, paranoia, and melancholy. All of which entangle viewers in the contradictions of their emotional relations to the world in a certain way. Building on this theoretical foundation, the book drafts a new conception of film history as a history of emotion that has severe effects on the present.

An English translation will be available soon.

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