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Cinepoetics Lecture #10: Gertrud Koch (20.05)

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Event poster

News from May 07, 2019

With the emergence of silent film, early film theorists are paradoxically concerned with the problem of language: is film a-linguistic, pre-linguistic, or is it another language that blooms as a flower in the land of technology (Benjamin)? Where does Godard locate the animal, his dog that turns 'narrator' of a goodbye to language? Anthropologically marking a difference between talking and non-talking beings lies at the core of Edgar Morin's film theory, as Gertrud Koch (Freie Universität Berlin) will show in her lecture "Sprache und Sprachen – zu den babylonischen Verwirrungen im Sprachkonzept der Filmtheorie" while she also ventures into other positions towards the ontological difference of film and other media.

Afterwards, ADIEU AU LANGAGE (Jean-Luc Godard, CH/F 2014) and CHRONIQUE D’UN ÉTÉ (Edgar Morin, Jean Rouch, F 1961) will be screened. Cinepoetics cordially invites you to join us on May 20 at 6:00 pm at the Kino Arsenal, Potsdamer Platz (Berlin). Admission is free for the lecture (which will be held in German). The film will start after the lecture at 8:00 pm. For the screening, Kino Arsenal will charge its usual admission fees.

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