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New Publication: "Cinematic Corpographies" by Eileen Rositzka

book cover

book cover

News from Jun 06, 2018

We're happy to present our latest publication: Eileen Rositzka's book "Cinematic Corpography. Re-Mapping the War Film through the Body". Following Hermann Kappelhoff's "Frontlines of Community. Hollywood between War Film and Democracy", her study on somatic experience in the war film continues our english book series.

Rositzka's book re-evaluates the scholarly discourse on the relation of cinema and war. While academic writing has largely been dominated by an emphasis on optics and weaponised vision, Rositzka focuses on a wider sensory field. Contouring war cinema as representing a somatic experience of space, the study applies a term recently developed by Derek Gregory within the theoretical framework of Critical Geography. What he calls “corpography” implies a constant re-mapping of landscape through the soldier’s body. These assumptions can be used as a connection between already established theories of cartographic film narration and ideas of (neo)phenomenological film experience, as they also entail the involvement of the spectator’s body in sensuously grasping what is staged as a mediated experience of war.

Our book series is published by De Gruyter, with Cinepoetics' directors Hermann Kappelhoff and Michael Wedel, and revolves around the poetics of audiovisual images.

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