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mediaesthetics - Journal of Poetics of Audiovisual Images: 2nd issue now online

Coverbild der zweiten Ausgabe

Coverbild der zweiten Ausgabe

News from Dec 04, 2017

The second issue of our multi-media online journal mediaesthetics is now available: metaphor in the arts, in media and communication focuses on the phenomenon of metaphoricity. This is at the core of our work at Cinepoetics, as Christina Schmitt and Matthias Grotkopp illustrate in the Editorial.

The journal's orientation towards interdisciplinary work is highly visible in the latest issue. With featured discliplines ranging from philosophy to architecture, from film studies to linguistics, Petra Gehring, José Mario Gutierrez Marquez, and Jennifer Barker are only a few of the different contributors for this issue. Some of them are based on keynote presentations and other contributions for RaAM 11 - Metaphor in the Arts, in Media and Communication, an international conference organized by Cinepoetics last year.

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