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Cinepoetics Lecture #4: Erica Carter "Spectres of Colonial Whiteness" (04.12.)



News from Nov 16, 2017

With our latest research focus being Cinematic Image and Historical Experience, senior fellow Erica Carter will give a presentation on "Spectres of Colonial Whiteness." In our fourth Cinepoetics Lecture, the renowned scholar of film, literature, and cultural studies will elaborate on recent reckonings with white ghosts in post-colonial film. In doing so, she will connect Jean-Marie Ténos LE MALENTENDU COLONIAL (2004) with films like Martin Baer's WEISSE GEISTER (2004) and Claire Denis' CHOCOLAT (1988) as well as Isaac Juliens Installation "Fantôme Afrique."

With this, Carter works on the verge of fields that are of major importance for the work of Cinepoetics: Where do we find audiovisual historicity beyond the representational level of historical subjects? How is a realm of historical experience produced, which is reshaped with each new appropriation of film images and each media shift? Can we speak of a relation between film history and a history of emotion?

Cinepoetics cordially invites you to join us on December 04 at 7:00 pm at the Kino Arsenal, Potsdamer Platz (Berlin). Free admission for the lecture. We are showing the film LE MALENTENDU COLONIAL (Jean-Marie Téno, CMR/F/D 2004) right before the lecture at 5 pm. For the screening, Kino Arsenal will charge its usual admission.

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